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                Established in 2005, Sino-dentex Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies that manufactures high quality dental restorative materials in China. We have been dedicated to researching, developing and producing of dental resin composite and related products for many years.Sino-dentex products have many advanced features. Our resin composite combines many innovative technologies including Nano technique, high hydrophobic surface nano dispersion process, low shrinkage aligomer, color stable technique and etc. Our adhesives and primers contain MDP monomer, which provide lower water solubility and more durable property. We are the first company who can manufacture 7th generation self-etching adhesive in China.Sino-dentex company has been certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. All our products have CE certificates. With the proven quality and successful management experience, Sino-dentex has dramatically gained good reputation in global market. We have been exporting our products to all over the world. We will continuously strive to provide high performance materials with competitive prices to our customers.